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Precision Pinned + Drilled Parts from Stewarts of America

Precision Pinned + Drilled Parts

Precision Drilled Parts : Stewarts of America

Stewarts of America provides an array of precision pinned and drilled parts for industrial applications.

Our company has vast experience in drilling precision holes in various materials. These "holey" parts are used in the high technical textile, plastic, film, foil, composite and many other industries.

Our state-of-the-art CNC machine and fabrication shop has a vast array of precision machinery that is capable to machine just about any part you require. We are setup to be able to create one off, custom pieces, or mass manufacture large production runs. This flexibility allows us to respond to a wide base of customer requirements.

Precision Drilled Parts : Stewarts of America

Whether your project is unique or demanding, small or large scale, we can engineer a custom solution for you.

We supply precision drilled parts for:

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Get an Edge on Performance with Racing Tire Needler Tools from Stewarts

Racing Tire Needler : Stewarts of America

Racing Tire Needler Tools

Tire Needler Tools makes tire preparation quicker, easier and more effective. Our standard needling tool is an aluminum needler cylinder that has two sealed bearings. The cylinder houses sharp, hardened pins designed to easily pierce the soft tread of your racing tires. A sturdy, coated steel handle provides a solid grip and simple control.

The needling process helps:

The end result is improved grip on just about any racing surface.

Stewarts hand needling tool is 100% designed and manufactured at our facility in South Carolina, USA. We use a fabricated steel handle, so that the tool can be mounted in a lathe, siping machine or other machine that uses a tool post. The tool can be disassembled completely and rebuilt for ease of maintenance.
Racing Tire Needler : Stewarts of America
Unlike many competitors, we machine and fabricate complete tooling and machinery we make in our facility. This gives us complete control over the delivery, consistency of product and quality of product. It also enables us to give complete product support, down to the nut and bolt. All our tooling and machinery is designed by our engineers with input from our customers, so that we come up with a solution that is perfect for you. There is no project to big, too small or too unique!
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Keep Your Pet Looking Good with Pet Grooming Combs from Stewarts

Pet Grooming Combs : Stewarts of America

Pinned Pet Combs / Pet Grooming

Stewarts of America manufactures a wide array of metal and plastic backed combs for the pet care / pet grooming industry.

Many of the pin designs and pin patterns come from our companies expertise in combing fibers for the textile industry. This combing technology was perfect for combing the fur of animals. Our flea combs and grooming combs are made from the finest of pins that ensure precise, uniform projection. We can manufacture any length of comb you may require with round, square, rectangular or other ergonomic handles. We realize that groomers often travel, and we offer low profile, compact combs for these applications.

Fine, medium or course pin patterns, grooming and de-matting combs, a wide variety of pin diameter and length options give us the ability to manufacture a comb for your specific requirements. We work with local pet boutiques as well as nationwide distributors and listen to their requirements.

The pin tips for our combs are precision ground round, allowing the pin tips to smoothly massage the scalp without snagging or pulling on the hair follicle. Pets with short, medium or long hair coats or even double coats will all benefit from the details we engineer into our pinned products. The pins are ground and polished smooth for easy cleaning.

Stewarts of America also offers a variety of finishes to include nickel and chrome plating. Combs are made from both metallic and polymer materials. Stewarts works with both retailers and distributors to offer our precision combs to the grooming world.
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Pinned Handheld Tooling : Stewarts of America

Pinned Hand-Held Tooling

Stewarts of America designs and manufactures a wide variety of pinned hand-held tooling. Simple hand perforating tools can be used hot or cold, and are perfect for economical R&D, or as full production tooling. These hand tools are used in many different applications:

Pinned Handheld Tooling : Stewarts of America

Many pinned tools are on the shelf for immediate delivery. Contact Stewarts of America for your pinned hand tool requirement.

Stewarts of America's flexible machining capabilities allow us to make orders of one custom piece or to thousands of parts for large-scale projects...

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Pinned Tooling / Hand Tools : Stewarts of America

Pinned Tooling / Hand Tools

Stewarts of America offers a variety of pinned tooling solutions and hand tools for industrial applications and customers worldwide. Contact us for a custom solution that we can engineer to perform to your precise and exacting requirements.

We commonly manufacture, but are not restricted to:

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Pinned Mill Discs : Stewarts of America

Pinned Mill Discs

Stewarts manufactures pin-type impact mill discs for pin mills that reduces low to medium density materials to uniform fine particle size. Designs can vary in pin diameter and pin pattern, which offer varying degrees of impact and agitation to process materials. From high impact, high RPM grinding, to controlled, slower RPM mixing and blending, Stewarts of America Pin Mill Discs are easy to install, operate, are highly reliable, and are simple to adapt to any existing or new unit.

Our Pin Mill Discs are used with a wide range of particle sizes and applications. From grinding food grade materials such as flour, spices, sugar, salt, dry powders, dehydrated fruit and veggies, tea, preservatives, nutrients, sweeteners, starches, cattle feed, tobacco snuff and thickeners, to milling semi-abrasive materials such as Limestone, Zeolite, Gypsum, Bauxite, Clay and Non-Calcined Ceramics. Pin mills can also help improve the emissions of coal fired power plants, industrial boilers, municipal furnaces and bio-mass plants by generating finer particulates for incineration.
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Pinned Dough Docking Rolls : Stewarts of America

Pinned Dough Docking Rolls

Stewarts of America design and manufacture a verity of pinned roller for the food industry to include Dough Docking rollers.

Just about any diameter, any length can be manufactured.

For Industrial and Commercial applications, these pinned rollers utilize large diameter precision domed and flat tipped pins. Designed to increase the surface area of dough whether you are baking bread or pizza, you can get rid of dough blisters with Stewarts dough dockers.

Simply run the pinned dough docker over the dough to perforate it before baking. The penetration of the pin will also help keep your pizza, pie, pastry, pasty, bread, biscuits or cookie dough from over rising when you don't want it to, by helping to prevent air pockets from forming in the dough.

Extending the surface area of the dough, the pinned docker also significantly reduces cooking times and helps to distribute the cooking heat evenly though the dough.

Stewarts pinned dough docking rolls are built with FDA approved materials and are built to last in tough, high production grade environments.
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