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Anvil + Industrial Rolls

Stewarts of America manufactures and supplies a variety of anvil rolls, brush rolls, grooved rolls, felt covered rolls, urethane rolls, and idler rolls for industrial applications.

We provide a variety of anvil rollers to work as a backup medium for our pinned perforating systems.

Stewarts of America can help you with your anvil requirements in several ways:

Brush Rolls : Stewarts of America

Brush Rolls

"Superdense" brushes are unlike any regular brush you can envision - They are specially designed for perforating applications, with "superdense" bristle density.

Multi-wall bag and plastic web manufacturers are replacing urethane and felt roller with superdense brush rollers. Superdense brush innovation has improved the process of pin perforating, slit perforating and slitting plastic webs and board products dramatically. Two materials are typically used for perforating, Tampico fibers for hot perforating because of tampico's high temperature resistance, and Nylon for cold perforating, slitting or any other operation at room or low temperature. Positives of this technology is that the brushes extend pin life dramatically over a urethane, silicone or rubber covered roller, as the bristles deflect from the pin tips when penetrated. These bristles move together and provide a solid surface for the web. Another benefit is that it does not matter where the pins engage the brush roller. The brush can accept the pins or blades any location. This reduces setup time dramatically. It is important to note however, that the brush fibers can liberate from the roller, however, so it is important that the user has particle detection equipment downstream of the brush roller.

Superdense brushes offer:

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Grooved Rolls : Stewarts of America

Grooved Rolls

Machined to match/mate up with the pins or blades that are being used. Grooves can vary in width and depth, and must be precision CNC machined in order to match up precisely with the perforating roll. Grooved rollers can be supplied as metal, urethane covered, silicone covered or rubber covered. Positives to grooved rollers are the fact that the pins are essentially in air, there is nothing to wear the pin. Drawbacks are that thinner materials can deflect off the pin tip and cause variation in hole sizes. One also has to mate the pins or blades up to the grooves precisely in order to prevent damage to the pins or blades. Grooved roller do not release particles, however, only work for low perforation density applications.
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Stewarts Anvil Rolls Provide Accurate Support and Control

Felt Covered Rolls for Perforation : Stewarts of America

Felt Covered Rolls

Felt covered rollers can be used for both hot and cold perforating applications, and are an inexpensive solution as a backup anvil roller.

Positives of felt technology is that felt rollers have great chemical resistance properties, excellent abrasion resistance, and its decent temperature resistance. Drawbacks are that the surface of the roller is not accurate enough for fine perforating. Note that covered rollers can particulate, so it is recommended that the user have particulate detection systems downstream of the rollers.
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Urethane, Rubber and Silicone Covered Rolls : Stewarts of America

Urethane, Rubber and Silicone Covered Rolls

Covered rollers can be a great solution to your perforating application.

Positives are covered rollers can be re-covered when they wear and can be used in a wide variety of perforating applications. Covered rollers are generally only good for fine perforating applications however, as the surface of the roller has to be soft enough to accept the pin, but hard enough to resist the picking action of the pin. Note that covered rollers can particulate, so it is recommended that the user have particulate detection systems downstream of the rollers.
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Idler Rolls : Stewarts of America

Idler Rolls

Stewarts of America manufactures lightweight idler rollers with internal or external bearings. Idlers can be made with grooves going in the machine direction or the cross web direction for air ventilation, which allows the web to lay flat on the roller to help resist wrinkling and air trappage.
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