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Let's discuss the applications that perforation is seen in. 

Agrotech - Agriculture uses of perforation are typically for drainage for liqud movement for water drainage

Buildtech - Moisture control barriers, radiant barriers, 

Clothtech - Perfoations in clothing allow the body to be cooled more efficiently

Geotech - Geosynthetics, Composite lay-ups, Windmill blades

Hometech - Acoustic panels, Furniture, Ceiling tiles

Indutech - Many industrial applications

Medtech - Wipes, Coated fabrics, Wound Dressings, Bandages, Band-Aids, Surgical Tape

Mobiltech- Car tires, Headliners, Car seats, Speaker covers

Oekotech - Radient barriers, Sun shades, Filters

Packtech - Extend shelf life, allow packaged good to breathe, allow air to escape

Protech - Many industrial applications

Sportech - Breatheable liners for shoes, sports wear, stitch lines for footballs

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